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Silk Scarf Care and Handling

The majority of our scarves are 100% silk; however, we also use a Silk/Velvet blend. The type of silk varies from Crepe De Chine, Silk Organza (my current favorite), China Silk  to Silk Chiffon. 

Regardless of the actual technique used to create the scarves, each scarf goes through multiple washings to remove any dye residue, fabric processing residue and to ensure that the color will not bleed when used.

For those scarves created using the Batik or Rozome technique, all wax has been removed from the scarf before it is made available for purchase.  Feeling these scarves you won't know that they were once loaded with batik wax.

You have several options to choose from in caring for a scarf.

  • They can be individually  dry-clean it if your prefer,
  • Hand-wash in your home with a gentle detergent,
  • Washed in the washing machine on gentle with a non-bleach gentle detergent.

If you choose the home care method, a liquid soap that contains no washing additives is preferred. It is essential that the soap product contain NO BLEACH because bleach can damage the silk.

Warning: When BLEACH comes in contact with the scarf, discoloration and holes in the silk can result.

All scarves can be ironed using a cool (low temperature) iron to ensure that the silk is not scorched.  For those scarves which are  a blend of velvet and silk, they should be iron on the back side (the non-plush side) of the fabric.

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