Fossions Fabrics, Fine Clothing and Batik Paintings
One of-a-kind Clothing - Indigo Dyed, Shibori Wrapped or Batik Wax Resist Designs

Modern Batik - Traditional Japanese Methods

Explore batik wax resist (and painting) on fabric! Use wax brushes as well as traditional tjanting tools

Learn when to use Soywax or more traditional wax mixtures to achieve the result you want.

Learn direct dye application as practice by Japanese masters of the art, or the more common immersion dyeing.

Develop your own original design on cotton, tencel, rayon or silk - using wax painting (soy wax or more traditional beeswax combinations) using specialized brushes and stamping tools.

Gain the knowledge you want to move the process from design to dye color application, wax resist application and the final step of wax removal.

It's an exciting time and yields exciting results!

Class Supplies:
  • All necessary dyes, waxes and chemicals are provided for the class.
  • Students must provide their own fabric. This class is designed to work well with projects using cotton, bamboo, silk and rayon.
  • $135 per class per student.
  • Classes are typically two days in length for 6 hours each day.
  • Supply fee includs wax and dyes used in class
  • Students to supply their own material
  • 50% deposit required at time of registration

No image may be reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission.