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One of-a-kind Clothing - Indigo Dyed, Shibori Wrapped or Batik Wax Resist Designs

About the Artist, Sue Foss

Since early childhood, Sue has been drawing and painting. .  Frequently her mother supplied crayons and huge pieces of paper and magazines full of a myriad of images.  It was fun to create new images.

Sue Foss artist
Sue Foss
Hours later, with sheets full of images, a happy satisfied child only asked for more paper and crayons.

Throughout high school and a fine arts degree at a national university, exploring new images continued to be an integral part of Sue's work.  Today, she works primarily on fabric.

Her love of nature that surrounds her is expressed through paintings done in a traditional Batik style or in the Japanese method of Roketzu wax resist.  The subject matter vary from abstracted landscapes which evoke the feel and movement of the place to more recognizable representations of the land around her.

Using a variety of Japanese Shibori techniques, Sue explores without restrictions patterning, color juxtapositions and subjective themes.  Having a masterful grasp of the techniques has allowed her to focus on achieving specific patterns and designs sourced from events (people and landscaping) happening in her own life.

Clothing is a new avenue for exploration.  No longer just creating pieces of fabric to be seen as art statements, clothing is a unique vision to complement the wearer as well as makes a artistic statement.

Recently a new series of garments has been evolving. She is taking men's silk shirts, men's 'other' silk clothing, and piecing them together with hand-dyed and Batik or Shibori fabrics to form one-of-a-kind unique women's clothing. It's a new exciting venture.

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